Instagram Supports Landscape And Portrait Formats

  • Posted by Omar 02 Sep

Instagram Supports Landscape And Portrait Formats

Instagram just announced the new update that will let users step outside the box and be able to post photos that are landscape and portrait orientations! Along with the branded square style, Instagram supports landscape and portrait formats.  Instagram stated, “Square format has been and always will be part of who we are. That said, the visual story you’re trying to tell should always come first, and we want to make it simple and fun for you to share moments just the way you want to.”

What does this mean for you? Well, now you don’t have to worry about how you originally take your photo. If you’re anything like us, you mentally crop your photo before you actually take it. Or you take the photo with the square option to make sure you know what it’s going to look like on Instagram. Now that all can be set aside and you can take photos (and video) in which ever orientation you’d like!

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