You Can Now Switch Accounts in Instagram

  • Posted by Omar 24 Feb

You Can Now Switch Accounts in Instagram

We’ve been having this question several times in the last couple of weeks. Earlier this month, Instagram released an update that lets users switch between accounts.

Account switching will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Go to your profile settings to add an additional account
  2. Tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts.
  3. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see the account profile photo appear so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.

how to switch accounts in instagram



how to add an account to instagram


This update is extremely helpful for those who have multiple accounts. For example, you may have your personal account and your business account. Instead of having to log in and out each time you want to post to one or the other, now it’s as simple as a tap of a button!

Try it out now with your multiple accounts.

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